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Osmond Community Schools

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April 2018 Board Meeting



Regular Meeting



The Osmond Board of Education met at 8:01 PM Monday, April 9, 2018, in the multi-purpose room.  


It was moved by Brummels, seconded by Koehler, that this meeting was preceded by publicized notice in the April 4, 2018 issue of the Osmond Republican and is hereby declared to be duly convened in open session. The following proceedings were had and done at said meeting in open session. A copy of the open meetings act was posted in the building. For:  6      Against: 0


Brad and Sheila Hoesing from Wausa spoke to the Board about cooping Wausa and Osmond in play production.


It was moved by von Rentzell, seconded Krohn, by to approve the consent agenda.       For:  6      Against: 0


Principal Polt reported on: 1) Kindergarten Round-up; 2) Prom; 3) awards convocation; 4) State FFA, FBLA and FCCLA; 5) Pierce JH honors band; 6) Neligh honor band; 7) District music contest; 8) upcoming Active Shooter drill; 9) ACT test reschedule; 10) student handbook changes; and, 11) parent seating for graduation.


Superintendent Hamm discussed; 1) community clean up day; 2)  teacher contracts; 3) graduation; 4) a bullying symposium that staff members are attending; 5) District music contest; 6) Board of Education polo's; 7) lunch tables; 8) OCS Facebook page; 9) the external review; 10) security cameras;  11) replacement carpet; 12) school involvement with the alumni association; 13) congratulations to the FFA group that competed at State; 14) signage for the school building rooms and doors; and, 15) a presentation on ‘Attitudes’ that will be given to students in August.     


A thank you was shared from the Osmond Tigers boys’ basketball team for their support at State.  A meeting with City Council members will be held in the future to discuss collaborative efforts. Board member Krohn asked Superintendent Hamm for clarification on the process for offering teacher contracts.


Old Business:    None


New Business:   


It was moved by Reikofski, seconded by von Rentzell, to set the school lunch program prices for 2018 - 2019 as follows:  all breakfasts $1.85, K-6 lunch $2.75, 7-12 lunch $2.95, and adult lunch at $3.35. For: 6 Against: 0


As requested by Wausa School Administration, the board tabled action on the proposed play production cooperative agreement with Wausa.     For:   6        Against:   0


It was moved by Moes, seconded by  Brummels, to approve the sale of the teacherage with Board members Koehler, von Rentzell and Moes to handle the sale details.     For:    6 Against:    0


It was moved by Koehler, seconded by Reikofski, to approve the student fee policy of paying up to $1000.00 of college tuition, fees, and required materials, for eligible students as identified in the program description.               For:    6      Against:    0


It was moved by Brummels, seconded by Moes, to approve the purchase of a new safety and security system under the direction of von Rentzell, Koehler, and Krohn. For:    6 Against:    0


The minutes of the meeting were read.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:33 PM.


I, the undersigned Recording Secretary of the Osmond Board of Education, Osmond, Nebraska, hereby certify, that the attached and foregoing minutes are a true and correct copy of a meeting of the Osmond Board of Education, Osmond, Nebraska, held in open session on the 9th day of April, 2018 which meeting was preceded by publicized notice.        Teresa Folkers, Recording Secretary