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J.H. Track At Pierce


J.H. Track at Winside


  The Osmond JH Track team competed at the Winside Invite on Wednesday, May 1.  The boys team score 123 points and finished in second place. Laurel-Concord Coleridge was the team champion followed by Osmond, with Wausa coming in third.

    This was a close meet. The kids all gave a tremendous effort and we were able to finish in second place, 13 points behind LCC.  Overall we had 12 kids place with a total of 34 medals. Alex Vinson, Darren Kelley, Spencer Hille, Bradee Gubbels, and Zach Reikofski all earned 4 medals apiece with Caden Wingert and Reese Hanna each placing in 3 events.  Other medal winners for Osmond were Caleb Miller, James Doyle, Owen Severson, Kayson Maertins, and Baylen Guenther. It was a great effort by all the kids and we were able to bring home our second trophy of the season.


100 m dash    2nd  Alex Vinson   12.65 sec, 6th  Caleb Miller  14.59 sec

200 m dash   2nd  Alex Vinson  26.41 sec., 3rd  Darren Kelley  29.57 sec, 6th  Caden Wingert  29.93 sec.

400 m dash  6th James Doyle  67.69 sec

110 m hurdles  2nd  Bradee Gubbels  19.42 sec., 4th  Spencer Hille  20.60 sec.

200 m hurdles  3rd  Bradee Gubbels  31.45 sec., 5th  Owen Severson  32.16 sec.

400 m relay  2nd  ( Zach Reikofski, Caden Wingert, Reese Hanna, Spencer Hille)   56.20 sec.

1600 m relay  2nd  ( Alex, James, Spencer, Darren)  4:32.8

Throwers 400 m relay  1st  ( Zach, Caden, Reese, Baylen Guenther)  61.39 sec.

High Jump  3rd  Bradee Gubbels  4-10, 6th Spencer Hille  4-8

Long Jump  5th Darren Kelley  15-2.5

Triple Jump  2nd  Bradee Gubbels  32-5, 5th  Darren Kelley  30-8

Shot Put  2nd  Zach Reikofski  33-5, 3rd  Alex Vinson  33-1, 5th  Kayson Maertins  29-10

Discus  3rd  Kayson Maertins  88-0, 4th  Reese Hanna  81-6.5, 5th  Zach Reikofski 80-9.5,  6th  Baylen Guenther 79-1

Team Scores

Laurel-Concord-Coleridge    136

Osmond      123

Wausa    63

Winside   46

Wynot   41

Allen   40



JH Track meet at Hartington


    The Osmond JH Track team competed at the Hartington Invite on Friday, May 3rd.  The boys team scored 119 points and finished as the team champion.  Hartington was second with Wausa finishing in third place.

    This is always a very good tournament with a lot of traditionally good track schools participating.  We were very excited to win the team trophy, finishing 1 point ahead of runner-up Hartington Newcastle.  This was truly a total team effort with 19 out of the 21 kids placing and earning medals and ribbons. Spencer Hille, Alex Vinson, Zach Reikofski, Owen Severson and Reese Hanna all placed in four events while Caden Wingert, Bradee Gubbels, and James Doyle each placed in three events.  We had three first place performances with Alex winning the 200 m dash and shot put, and the 4 x 200 relay team of Zach R., Hudson Schultze, Karter Johnson, and Owen Severson also finishing in first place. We also had several other kids really step up for us today, Robert Aschoff placed in two relays and Darren Kelley place in both of the jumps.  I was also really proud of our second relay teams for volunteering and scoring points for us today, this included Dominic True, Caleb Miller, James Doyle, Hunter Buchanon, Ethan David, Trevor Thompson, and Baylen Guenther. Kayson Maertins placed and scored points in the shot put. Other track members who performed well but just missed out on placing were Xander Brown and Matthew Alderson.




100 m dash  2nd  Alex Vinson  12.42 sec

200 m dash  1st  Alex Vinson  26.08 sec., 6th  Caden Wingert   29.39 sec

400 m dash  6th  James Doyle 69.33 sec

110 m hurdles   5th Bradee Gubbels  20.01 sec., 6th Spencer Hille  20.21 sec.

200 m hurdles  4th  Bradee Gubbels  32.88 sec., 5th Owen Severson  33.40 sec.

400 m relay  3rd  ( Zach, Spencer, Reese, Caden)  55.71 sec., 5th  ( Dominic, Caleb, James, Hunter)  61.74 sec.

4 x 200 m relay  1st  ( Zach, Karter, Hudson, Owen)  2:00.87, 5th  ( Ethan David, Hunter Buchanon, Trevor Thompson, Baylen Guenther)  2:19.99

1600 m relay  3rd  ( Alex, James, Spencer, Robert)  4:34.57

800 medley relay  (Reese, Karter, Owen, Robert)  2:10.07

High Jump  3rd  Spencer Hille  5-0, 5th Bradee Gubbels 4-8.  5th  Owen Severson 4-8

Long Jump  4th  Darren Kelley  15-3.75

Triple Jump  3rd  Darren Kelley  33-10

Shot Put  1st  Alex Vinson  36-2, 2nd  Zach Reikofski  34-4, 4th Kayson Maertins  31-7, 5th  Reese Hanna  30-5.5

Discus  2nd  Zach Reikofski  91-3, 3rd  Reese Hanna 90-1,  4th  Caden Wingert  84-11

Team Scores

Osmond  119

Hartington Newcastle  118

Wausa  85

Wakefield   64

Bloomfield   56

Allen   38

Winside   34


Pierce meet


The Osmond JH track teams competed at the Pierce meet on Thursday, April 25th .  The Tigers scored 22 points and finished in 4th place.  Battle Creek was the team champion followed by Pierce and Wausa.

    In this meet we only scored 22 points but I thought all the kids still performed well.  We had a lot of 6th, 7th and 8th place finishes that didn’t score us many points.  I told the kids this was a tough meet with a lot of good competition but it will help us later in the year.  If we have these same times and distances in out next two meets we should do pretty good.

Discus   7th Reese Hanna  91 ft 4 in, 8th Kayson Maertins 89 ft 5 in, 9th Zach Reikofksi 88 ft 1 in,

Shot Put   6th Alex Vinson  35-3, 7th Zach Reikofski 33-7,  8th Kayson Maertins 30-2,  9th Reese Hanna 29-7

Triple Jump   8th Bradee Gubbels 32-11,  10th Darren Kelley 31-11,  11th Caleb Miller 30-11,  13th Hudson Schultze 29-0

High Jump   5th Bradee Gubbels  5-0, 8th Spencer Hille 4-10,  10th Owen Severson  4-4

Long Jump  6th Darren Kelley 16-4,  14th Robert Aschoff  14-0

110 Hurdles  6th Bradee Gubbels  18.15, 8th Spencer Hille, 12th Caleb Miller 21.0

100 m dash  5th Alex Vinson 12.25

4 x 100 Relay   5th ( Hudson Schultze, Spencer Hille, Dominic True, Owen Severson  57.14 6th ( Zach Reikofski, Caden Wingert, Reese Hanna, Robert Aschoff)  58.01

400 m dash  10th James Doyle  69.06

195 m hurdles  5th Bradee Gubbels  31.02, 9th Owen Severson  32.15

200 m dash  3rd Alex Vinson 25.28,  12th Zach Reikofski 28.97, 13th Caden Wingert 29.26

4 x 400 Relay 3rd ( James Doyle, Spencer Hille, Darren Kelley, Alex Vinson) 4:25.62

Team Scores

Battle Creek  180.5

Pierce   135

Wausa   44.5

Osmond  22