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Minutes of the Board of Education #42R Regular Meeting - June 8, 2020


Regular Meeting




The Osmond Board of Education met at 8:00 pm on Monday, June 8, 2020 in the multi-purpose room.  


It was moved by von Rentzell, seconded by Gansebom, that this meeting was preceded by publicized notice in the June 3, 2020 issue of the Osmond Republican and is hereby declared to be duly convened in open session.  All members having voted in favor of the motion, the same was declared, passed and adopted and the following proceedings were had and done at said meeting in open session.  The open meetings laws were posted in the building.        For:  6          Against:  0


Patron Input:  None


It was moved by Stanosheck, seconded by von Rentzell, to approve the consent agenda as presented.   For:  6         Against:  0


Principal Polt reported on: 1) English classes via distance learning and a new master class schedule; 2) prom and graduation plans; 3) a possible future date for kindergarten round-up.    


Superintendent Hamm reported on:  1) the school kitchen remodel; 2) the open custodial position; 3) English position costs; 4) summer school and student testing; 5) waiver forms; 6) coaching and sponsorship assignments; 7) NSAA voting; 8) monthly bills; 9) the possibility of a propane bus; 10) ESSA Cares Act; 11) Title I and school lunch audits; and 12) the NSAA bowling program.    


Board Comments: The board visited about:  1) the yellow building and the community fitness center; and 2) a tentative June 22nd meeting with Wausa schools regarding sharing opportunities.  


Old Business: The board discussed possible options to resurface the track and will review further information at next month’s meeting.  


It was moved by Reikofski, seconded by Krohn, to adopt a new superintendent evaluation tool.   For:  6          Against:  0


New Business:  It was moved by Moes, seconded by Stanosheck, to set the school lunch program prices for 2020-2021 at  $1.95 for all breakfasts; $2.85 for K-6 lunches; $3.05 for 7-12 lunches, and $3.65 for adult lunches.  For:  6          Against:  0


The minutes of the meeting were read.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:03 pm. 


I, the undersigned Recording Secretary of the Osmond Board of Education, Osmond, Nebraska, hereby certify, that the attached and foregoing minutes are a true and correct copy of a meeting of the Osmond Board of Education, Osmond, Nebraska, held in open session on the 8th day of June 2020, which meeting was preceded by publicized notice.

                                                                                                                                                Margaret Ryan, Recording Secretary