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This meeting will take place Tuesday, March 3rd, 7:00 PM, in the Wausa gymnasium.


Common Questions Asked about JH Boys Coop

1. Is this coop for both boys and girls?
No, this is only for junior high boys. The duration of the cooperative agreement is yearly, reviewed and
renewed annually. Both schools currently have enough for girls.
2. Wausa & Bloomfield are no long cooping JH Football. Why is Wausa now going with Osmond?
Simply put, the JH football coop with Bloomfield was becoming too large. Wausa’s administration were
receiving a lot of calls from concerned parents of JH students that students were not being given the
opportunity to practice and play with the large numbers both Wausa and Bloomfield brought in together. If
Wausa were to continue in JH football with Bloomfield, the enrollment projections in JH football would
have continued to be in the 30’s approaching 40 kids. As far as cooping in cross country, Wausa will
continue the coop with Bloomfield, because of the benefit and success it brought to both schools (state
girls’ runner up in 2019).
Osmond approached Wausa with a need in JH Football and Boys basketball in Junior high, due to their low
numbers of boys in future elementary grades. Here is a current breakdown of numbers in JH Participation,
which were confirmed by both Wausa’s and Osmond’s administration. These are based on participation in
Youth Sports currently, as well as total enrollment.


JH         FB Wausa        FB Osmond            BB Wausa        BB Osmond        Wausa JH Boys   Osmond JH Boys

20-21            16                5                            14                    5                        20                              11

21-22            16                2                            16                    2                        19                              11

22-23            15                3                            14                    3                        16                              11 



This data is consistent with data pulled in early February and is based on number of participants in youth
sports currently as well as total enrollment. It also includes the kids in St. Mary’s. The data clearly shows
that if someone doesn’t step up and help Osmond in football and basketball, they will no longer have the
ability to have JH boys’ athletics in these two sports in the upcoming years. Parents with kids in current
grades 7th down to 4th grade have seen this trend, since Osmond has been coming up to work with our
youth sports the last few years, so it isn’t really a surprise to those parents from either Wausa or Osmond.
3. How will the practices work?
Practices will be held in Wausa, simply because it is easier for Osmond to transport their kids in a van than
Wausa to transport their kids in a bus. Home games will be split, just like Wausa has done with Bloomfield
in the past.
4. How will coaching be distributed?
Coaching assignments will be the responsibility of the AD’s at both schools. Wausa serves as host school
during this coop.
5. What is the name/mascot/colors?
Just like the Bloomfield JH coop, there will be no mascot, and the colors will be a simple combination. We
will use the Wausmond name, like we have done in 1-act for that coop.