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Business Curriculum

Classes are taught by Mrs. Tunink

Classes Include:

Accounting I - Students who are recommended to take this course:  Any student who wants to prepare for a career in accounting or other business field.  All students should realize that their careers will need a basic understanding of the language of the business world and that it can be found in Accounting. 

Course Description: Accounting is known as the language of business.  Student will come away with a deeper knowledge of the "ins and outs" of the financial side of business.  This course is a comprehensive introduction to basic accounting including recording, summarizing and reporting,principles of income measurement and asset valuation, and accounting systems and controls.  First semester will cover the accounting principles as applied to a service business organized as a sole proprietorship.  Second semester will cover the accounting principles as applied to a merchandising business.

Advanced Accounting Students who are recommended to take this course: Individuals who are planning post-secondary schooling in the Business field, especially banking and financing, accounting, business administration and business management.

Course Description: This course includes the partnership and corporate accounting, departmentalized accounting, adjustments in inventory control systems, and further enhancement of accounting skills.


Web Design - Students who are recommended to take this course: Grades 11 & 12

Course Description: Students will work with the web design languages of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to create a website intended for a target audience.  (AKA website coding design).


Digital Design -

Course Description: Students wil plan, design and create interactive projecs using different aspects of text, graphics and other digital sources.  The projets will include design and photography.  Also included are digital citizenship standards of fair use and prper us of copyright. 


Introduction to Business Students who are recommended to take this course: Students who want to develop an understanding of their role as a consumer in the business world. Grade Levels: 10, 11, 12 

Course Description: Students will be introduced to the world of business and prepare for the economic role of consumer, worker and citizen.  This course has many focus points, such as marketing, economics, entrepreneurship and global market.


Personal Finance- Students who are recommended to take this course: This course is required for all Juniors.

Course Description: This course develops students understanding and skills in such areas as income, money management, budgeting, financial goal attainment, the wise use of credit, insurance, and investments in order to become financially responsible.  This is a personal finance course that focuses on the individual, not the business.  


Entrepreneurship - 

Course Description: Students will explore the role of entrepreneurial business in the Unite States, including the impact on the national and global economy.  This course will emphasize the business skills and commitment necessary to operate an entrepreneurial venture, including the risks and rewards.

Marketing - Students who are recommended to take this course: Students who would like to develop an understanding of the basic principles of marketing, practices, and the application of these practices. Grade: 9-12

 Course Description: The class will explore the basic concepts and apply a simulation project where students will prepare a professional marketing plan proposal.  Each student will develop leadership and problem solving skills, understanding the importance of making ethical decisions, develop public speaking and presentation skills, proper social and business etiquette, analyze possible solutions to specific business problems, develop business leadership skills, and develop an increased understanding of the business world.  This course is conducted through lecture, engaging activities, group paced instructions, hands-on practice and discussion.

Business Communications - Students who are recommended to take this course: Students who want to develop an understanding of an overview of Business Communications.

Course Description: This is an introductory course designed to give you, the student, an overview of Business Communications.  YOu will develop skills that are expected of professionals in any workplace.  Theses skills will help you effectively communicate and interact with others, no matter which job or career path you choose.  This course will cover a variety of different business communications topics.  Students will demonstrate their understanding of Business Communication through class presentations, infographics, videos notes, worksheets, group and individual projects, presenetations, research activities, and assessments.