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Osmond Community Schools



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Social Studies Curriculum

Classes are taught by Mr. Moen

Classes Include:

Social Studies 9 - The first semester will be Civics which will include a brief history of our government system and a comparison of other types of governments.  The three branches of government, state and local governments, the election process, political parties and the Constitution are examined.

The second semester will be Geography which covers map reading, map making, and basic geographic interpretation.  Students will locate and identify oceans, seas, mountains, deserts, rivers, and countries.  Basic information about soils, climates, land forms and cultures of regions throughout the world will also be examined. Required for grade 9.

World History 10 - This course will cover the development and history of ancient cultures (Greek, Egyptian, Roman) through the Middle Ages and end with modern history of WW1 and WW2.  Emphasis is placed on contributions, historical significance and application of those events to modern cultures.  Required for grade 10.

American History 11 - This course will be a chronological overview of America's history including the Age of Exploration, Revolutionary War, Civil War, Progressive Movement, Westward Expansion and the Depression. Required for grade 11.

Classes taught by Mrs. Wiseley


Psychology: Psychology is the study of human behavior.  This course will cover the human lifespan, the workings of the mind and boy along with learning and cognitive processes. The textbook used is Glencoe Understanding Psychology.

Sociology: Sociology is the scientific study of culture and human society. Topics covered include: culture, socialization, social structure and society, groups and formal organizations, and deviance and social control.  The textbook used is Sociology and You from McGraw Hill

Government: This course uses the textbook United States Government: Our Democracy.  Topics covered are local government, political parties, voting and elections, public opinion and interest groups, mass media, financing the government and social and domestic policy.  Students also participate in County Government Day sponsored by the American Legion.

Economics: This course uses Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance.  Topics covered in this course include: budgeting, saving, credit and debt, consumer awareness, career readiness, college planning, financial services, insurance, income and taxes, housing and real estate, investing and retirement and global economics.