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December--Match of the Month 2020

By being a mentor in the Osmond TeamMates program, Leah Orr can tell you about the value of being a positive role model in a young person’s life.  She has been matched with her mentee for one year; however, Leah has been in the TeamMates program in Osmond since it began.  She has served as a member of the Osmond TeamMates Board, and as its president.

Leah was matched with her mentee when she was in the 4th grade, and she is currently a 5th grader.  They meet each week on Tuesday’s over the mentee’s lunch and recess time.  Usually, they stay in the TeamMates room at school, but just this week they decided to walk the hallway and chat.  If Tuesday’s don’t work, they default to Thursday of that week (same time & place).  Their weekly meetings are about 30 minutes long.

Leah and her mentee play games and talk.  Their conversations may consist of what the mentee is learning in school, projects she’s working on, what she does for fun with her family and friends, or events she’s looking forward to.  Leah says that their conversations are the best part of their weekly visits.

The match definitely likes competition as it’s always fun to see which one of them will win at the game they’re playing that week.  The mentee is also very receptive to trying and learning new things.  She enjoys softball and art.  Leah has encouraged her to consider art classes in jr high and high school as she often mentions she would like to become better at it.  The time goes by quickly when they meet because they have such a good time together. 

Mentoring provides Leah an opportunity to volunteer and gain new perspectives on young people’s lives.  One thing that stands out to Leah, is that young people want to feel valued, heard and supported.  Leah hopes that she provides this for her mentee.  Leah very much enjoys being her mentee’s “cheerleader”!

Leah said:  “I have had the opportunity to mentor kids and adults through various programs and have enjoyed every relationship I have built with my mentees. With social media, I’m able to still keep in touch with some of the adults I’ve mentored in the past.  Providing a one-on-one personal and supportive connection helping someone craft their own best self is very rewarding.  I would encourage more community members to mentor through our Teammates program.”  Please go to www.teammates.org if interested.